What is the best way to get a logo for my company?

There are many branding and logo designers. For quicker, cheaper, lower quality work you can reach out to creative sites like fiverr.com or Upwork, or hire a professional design agency to design your business something more bespoke.

What makes a good business logo?

A logo does not sell directly, it identifies and communicates the vibe and values of what it represents. A good business logo will be simple enough to be very easily recognisable, unique enough to be memorable and the shape should be clear at a small scales both with and without colour.

How can I design my own logo?

Of course you can design your own logo, though it can take surprisingly amount of work and expertise to produce a solid and versatile design. Most uses of logos require a vectorised version which requires professional illustration software to produce like Adobe Illustrator.

How much does a logo design cost?

Prices for basic logo design start at around £250 but common prices for professional logo design with brand research and multiple revisions are usually in the range of £750 – £5000.

Can I work with a single designer to make a logo?

Yes, many professional designers offer their services on a freelance basis. Look for attractive and polished portfolios. While large agencies are often able to work quickly they can overcharge for small jobs and lose the personal touch.

What if I need more than a logo?

Brand designers and strategists make more than just logos. They commonly start by researching their client’s business goals, culture and competition in depth and produce brand guidelines which can include messaging guidelines, logo variations for a variety of contexts (e.g social icons for social media and small-print) a graphic design style guide including typography standards and colour schemes for the brand and other design collateral like letterheads.

Can I use my own images in my design?

Logos should be very simple to make them easily recognisable, so it’s not advisable to include photos. However images can be developed into simple graphic elements and incorporated into logo designs. These will be vectorised into a digital format for clarity and reproducability.

What if I need additional logo variations?

Logo designers often provide their final design as a package with assets for various formats like wide format, social media accounts, small print etc. However it’s well worth checking this up front as some designers charge for extra variations.


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