What comes to mind when you think of the word brand?

Chances are a logo is somewhere near the top of the list, but there’s so much more to a good brand than a decent logo.

Branding logo ideas
Good design communicates quality.

Therefore a well thought through brand strategy will express your identity. It will communicate your values, your vibe, and ultimately add lasting value to your business.

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Clarity PPC business card back
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Beyond your logo, website and business card, quality branding is about communicating value and spirit in all you do. If you have a message and vision I can work with you to design a full-fledged brand strategy that will hit the mark with your ideal client.

We'll work together to develop your business plan into a smashing brand strategy.

“Trust increases when we get the details right.

Customers judge online credibility by evaluating the visual design, copywriting, and interactions.

If trust matters to your business, then design details should matter too.”
Braden Kowitz

What are you looking for?

Are you starting from scratch or looking to rebrand?

    Branding a New Business

    I get the challenge. When you’re starting out you’re in exploration mode, trying a few things out, refining as you go. You don’t have much revenue behind you and don’t want to set things in stone too early.

    In fact, while in this exploration phase the most important thing is honing your business plan. A well thought through and tightly targeted business plan will lay the essential groundwork for branding, making it much more effective in the long run.

    If you have a plan I’d love to help make it work. We’ll work together to develop a killer branding strategy will add serious value to your business, as good design communicates quality.

    Rebranding an Established Businesses

    There’s not much worse than putting years of effort into providing a service and product you can be proud of for it to be let down by first impressions. I get it: you want to be proud the way your business is presented, whether online, in email and in print.

    This is one area that’s often neglected or developed in an ad hoc fashion, but a solid visual brand strategy, including identity and messaging guidelines, can make all the difference.

    I’ve developed extensive and effective rebranding strategies that include a wide array of brand media.

    What’s my branding strategy process?


    1. Hello

    We’ll have an initial, free, no obligation chat (online or in person) about your business so we’re all starting on the same page. Depending on the outcome I’ll then recommend a course of action according to what I believe will add genuine value to your business, and prepare a quote for the work.

    2. Strategy

    After agreeing the scope of work we’ll sit down for 1 – 2 hours to get to grips with your business’ history, values, pain points and goals. This stage is key as it will give focus to the project and make sure any work I do hits the spot, giving you a good return on your investment.

    Then I’ll go away and further develop this discussion into a full-fledged branding strategy, keeping you in the loop.

    3. Design

    After updating you on how things are shaping up I’ll create messaging and graphic guidelines and assets. For details of what this can include see below.

    Business cards

    What could your branding strategy include?

    The resultant brand strategy, identity and messaging can include:

    1. Proposals for a business name and slogan
    2. Logo designs, which when finalised will be developed into a logo package with assets for various formats (e.g. wide format, social media accounts, small print etc)
    3. Messaging guidelines for online and offline media
    4. A style guide detailing graphical styles to use in various formats: typefaces, typography, colours, spacing, images, logos and other symbolism
    5. Business stationery such as letterheads, business cards, compliment slips, letters etc

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