MindLoaf Directory

Web design

Company location
Northampton, UK

Completed 2020

Project duration
12 months

Brief, Brainstorming, User Interface Design, Design Implementation

Adobe XD, Adobe Illustrator, WordPress, HTML, CSS, PHP, jQuery

Glass-House Studio
MindLoaf logo

A brand new entry to the world of career coaching: the MindLoaf business directory for UK-based professionals.


MindLoaf homepage

Directory listing

MindLoaf directory listing


MindLoaf article

Logo styles

MindLoaf logo black
MindLoaf logo red
MindLoaf logo yellow
MindLoaf logo tan

Logo, colours and typography

Our branding design kicked off the project, developing an approachable look for the client’s chosen business name.

Logo typeface: Custom

Heading typeface: Poppins

Copy typeface: Open Sans

MindLoaf website colour scheme

Fully responsive website design

One website built to look great on devices of all sizes.

MindLoaf website device visualisation

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