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The development of a good brand starts right in the early days of a business, way before any ideas about names, logos and typefaces: it starts with the story behind the business, and it unfolds with the business plan.

The art of the brand strategist is in capturing and communicating the identity and vibe of a business.

Our mission is to help people communicate clearly in engaging mediums. We want to create bold and colourful things, art that we can be proud of. We also want to work effectively, not simply unthinkingly churning out products to order, but putting honest effort into developing a branding strategy with our clients that adds genuine value to their business or cause. We want our clients to trust us. We want to be seen as an investment, not an expense.

So Lucid Rhino was born.

Lucid, because we want to help people communicate clearly and effectively. Lucid because we want to be honest, open and trustworthy.

And Rhino because, well, it’s slightly random. Creativity is the disciplined pursuit of spontaneity. Creativity is about seeing things in a new way, making connections that have never been made before. And we chose Rhino because rhinoceroses are bold creatures. Usually very gentle, but also able to make their presence felt when needed! We felt that picture fitted a communications agency.

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