JCT Charity Branding Redesign

Logo Design

Company location
Coventry, UK


Project duration
3 weeks

Brief, Research, Brainstorming, Sketching, Presentation, Refinement

Paper and pen, Adobe Illustrator, Maxon Cinema 4D

Good Garden Co

After I had the privilege of redesigning and rebuilding this amazing charity’s website they came back to me to refresh their branding. They were in a process of restructuring and resetting vision, and that’s the ideal time to bring new focus through rebranding.

Step 1: Development of logo concepts

Step 2: A few alternative logo options

Good Garden Co
JCT alt logo 2
JCT alt logo 3
JCT alt logo 4
JCT Charity Branding Redesign 1
JCT alt logo 1

Final chosen logo design

JCT logo

JCT works with vulnerably housed people, connecting people in need with services. They primarily act as coaches and go-betweens, offering holistic support to help people improve their living situation.

So they wanted a brand that was open and approachable and communicated the message that they help people and communities connect. Several logo concepts centred on the idea of spheres or cells interacting or connecting, with JCT being the point of contact or interaction between nodes.

Colours and typography

Seeking to communicate both approachability and positive change, we settled on a complementary yellow and blue colour scheme. This bright but not garish warm and exciting yellow paired well with a solid, trustworthy safe blue.


Headlines: Myriad Pro Semibold SemiCondensed
Normal body copy: Myriad Pro Regular

jct branding colours

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