Clarity PPC branding and website design

Clarity PPC website on various devices

Clarity PPC was started to bring clarity to the world of Pay Per Click marketing.

We sat down to explore the values that were to set the business apart from their competition, those the founder wanted the business to be known by. We identified adjectives they wanted the business to be known for:

  • clarity
  • clean
  • honest
  • simple
  • personal

We developed these values into roughly 40 concepts, illustrating four or five variants until in liaison with the client we refined one into the final logo and colour scheme.

The core of the business is about optimising client’s pay per click advertising campaigns to get the best possible return on investment. So, the final chosen logo design combines these concepts of optimisation, clarity and transparency as it is comprised of three simple, clean spectacle lenses that overlap to create a representation of a shared “best of both worlds” space, akin to a venn diagram.

From that initial brand design we developed a plan for the website, working with the client to develop its look, structure and functionality.

Clarity PPC website on various devices
Clarity PPC logo
Clarity PPC business card front
Clarity PPC business card back
Clarity PPC logomark

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