Bristol Virtual Tours

Branding, Web design, Web hosting

Company location
Northampton, UK


Project duration
1 month

Brief, Research, Photography, User Interface Design, Design Implementation, Copywriting

Cinema 4D, Adobe XD, WordPress, HTML, CSS, PHP, jQuery

Bristol Virtual Tours screenshot

360° photography is a growing field with venues and estate agents keen to show off their facilities.

This website needed some custom e-commerce functionality without looking like a shop. I designed it around the concept of a panorama, with sweeping lines and clear, logical progression taking the customer through the content, just like a well designed virtual tour. Animated statistics clearly present the benefits of 360° virtual tour photography and the whole thing’s wrapped up in slightly futuristic branding, also designed by yours truly.


BVT homepage


BVT product


BVT product

Service page

BVT service


BVT pricing page

Logo, colours and typography

The best branding makes people feel something. This business needs to give property owners and agents the ‘supreme quality’ feeling they’re looking to communicate in their virtual tours.

For this, we chose a premium warm gold colour with two tones of complementary blue-grey to match.

Heading and copy typeface:
Spartan, which is an attractive and slightly more modern alternative to Helvetica.

BVT website colours

Fully responsive website design

One website built to look great on devices of all sizes.

Responsive website device visualisation

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