Bentley Renovations

Logo Design

Company location
Oxford, UK


Project duration
2 weeks

Brief, Research, Brainstorming, Sketching, Presentation, Refinement

Paper and pen, Adobe Illustrator

Good Garden Co

A brand new logo designed for a builder offering extensive improvements to homes in Oxfordshire.

Chosen design

Good Garden Co

Alternative colour

Good Garden Co

White on grey

Good Garden Co

Alternative designs

Good Garden Co
Good Garden Co
Good Garden Co
Good Garden Co
Good Garden Co
Good Garden Co

An old friend called with a new business plan. He’d been in the building trade for years but was starting off his own company and needed branding to communicate the vibe of his business.

The key values that the branding had to express:

  • A high quality of workmanship
  • Clean work
  • Reliable and consistent service
  • Offering something more then your average builder, going the extra mile. Extra service worth every penny.

It can be a challenge to balance values that speak of refined quality with stronger values like reliability and consistency, but I think we hit the nail on the head (building related pun intended) with our use of simple, solid sans serif typeface and a sharp, colourful aesthetic.

Colours and typography

Of all the values that the client wanted his logo to express two were the most in tension: reliability and his offering an unusually high value of work.

So I was initially unsure whether to go with a solid, reliable blue colour palette or something more vibrant, but after trying a few things out we settled on this warm red-ochre gradient as its warmth reminds us of home, and high quality home-making is the ultimate end goal of his business.

Typeface of chosen design: Historical Sans

Colour swatch

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