Baby Pumpkin E-Commerce Website

Web design, Web hosting, E-Commerce

Company location
Northampton, UK


Project duration
4 months

Brief, Research, User Interface Design, Design Implementation, Data Entry

Adobe XD, WordPress, WooCommerce, HTML, CSS, PHP, jQuery

Bristol Virtual Tours screenshot

An e-commerce website for a small yet popular home-run business selling baby products in Northamptonshire.


Baby Pumpkin homepage

Basket Page

Baby Pumpkin contact page

Contact Page

BVT product

Product Category

Baby Pumpkin category


BVT pricing page

Account Login

BVT pricing page

Logo, colours and typography

The client already had branding established when they approached me so the website design was built on the colours of the logo.

Heading typeface:
Bree Serif, a strong yet charming and friendly serif. When used sparingly this typeface provides a unique bold elegance, making it ideal for title value statements.

Copy typeface:
Source Sans Pro, a clean, clear Helvetica elternative

Baby Pumpkin website colours

Fully responsive website design

One website built to look great on devices of all sizes.

Responsive website device visualisation

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