Amber Chaplains

Web design, Web hosting

Charity location
Southampton, UK


Project duration
4 months

Brief, Research, User Interface Design, Design Implementation, Data Entry

Adobe XD, WordPress, HTML, CSS, PHP, jQuery

Bristol Virtual Tours screenshot

A new website for a Christian charity providing compassionate support to women working in the sex industry.


Amaber Chaplains homepage

Donation Page

Charity donation page

Volunteer page

Partner with us page

Support Enquiry Page

BVT pricing page

Logo, colours and typography

The webside design incorporated the client’s established branding built around the ‘amber’ in their name. I gave the website content plenty of room to breathe on the page, combining the soft amber colour with black and white images and a quasi film-burn gradient overlay to photos to provide interest and direct  attention.

Typography: Lato

Amber Chaplains branding colours

Fully responsive website design

One website built to look great on devices of all sizes.

Amber Chaplains device visualisation

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