How to Tell If a Website Is or

24th July 2019Common questions

As we described recently, there are two flavours of WordPress – the freemium version hosted by WordPress (.com) and the free self-hosted version (.org). But if you’re reading this post chances are you already know that.

So with no further ado…

1. Your site is at

That’s unless you’ve paid to allow you to use a custom domain name. If you have then that’s another clue, as owners of websites don’t need to pay WordPress to use their own domain names (but you’d still need to register a domain name with someone else).

2. Your website admin page looks like this

New dashboard

3. Or if you’re accessing the old dashboard this logo will link to

Old dashboard

4. You see the WordPress admin bar

WordPress reader bar

If you don’t have access the website’s admin you can simply log in to (creating an account is free) and browse to the website. If it’s a website you’ll see this visitor bar at the top of the website, allowing you to add the site to your WordPress reader favourites, among other things.

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