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Introducing Good Nook, a whimsical Art Deco typeface with handwritten character.

A friend of mine wrote a door sign by hand and I really liked it, so we collaborated on this new typeface. It has obvious Art Deco influence with tall letters and exaggerated x-height/ midline, but the slight wobble brought over from the handwritten style gives it a quaint and slightly friendlier character.

I’m quite pleased by how it’s turned out.

We often get asked where the name ‘Lucid Rhino’ came from, and Good Nook is another weird name to add to the list. I just thought it looked good in the typeface. I guess it’s the symmetry.

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Try it out (you can edit the demo text):


Don’t the numbers look gorgeous too?


We’ve made both the standard and rough styles of this typeface available in five weights each: thin, light, regular, medium and bold. Each version has a total of 96 characters so the five weights and two styles brings it to 960 unique characters.

Available in OTF, WOFF and WOFF2 file formats.


  • Good Nook – smooth lettering with an even line thickness
  • Good Nook Rough – slightly rough edges and a kooky varying line thickness to take the whimsical up a notch or two


! ” £ $ % ^ & * ( ) – _ = + [ ] { } # ~ ; : ‘ @ , . < > ? / \ “ ” °

All styles are available for download as a bundle now for £5.99. That’s 0.6p per character!

As we publish new typefaces they’ll be featured on our fonts page.

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Author: Aidan Ashby

Aidan is a web and branding designer living in Bristol, UK. He’s a cautious optimist and is loathe to discuss himself in the third person. He loves pancakes and has a perpetual desire to just be sat in the woods with his feet up in front of a bonfire.

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