If you’re creative and passionate about art, a career as a professional artist, illustrator, photographer, animator, or graphic designer can be incredibly rewarding — especially if you love what you do. However, even some of the most talented creatives struggle to make enough money as full-time art professionals — and there’s nothing wrong with freelancing on the side or looking for ways to earn passive income as an artist.

Set Up Your Workspace for Success

It’s important to plan out how your workspace or studio will be organized and equipped. The space should be conducive to optimizing your creative flow and productivity.

  • First things first: Clear out any negative energy that could hinder your workflow and efficiency. This includes decluttering, bringing in a houseplant or two, and letting in as much natural light as possible.
  • Research the many productivity apps available for streamlining operations (i.e., scheduling and invoicing software).
  • Incorporate stress-relief techniques and products like essential oils and aromatherapy or a new painting (maybe one from your favorite artist).
  • Ensure that your desk and chair or stool is designed with ergonomics in mind.

Freelance on the Side

If you’re looking to supplement your income as an artist, you could use your creative abilities to work as a freelancer.


  • Use job boards like Upwork to find freelance work in branding and design, video and audio, marketing, and writing.
  • Use your artistic abilities to tutor children, seniors, art students, or other professional artists and designers.
  • Sell your artwork on websites such as Artfinder, ArtPal, Minted, and Artplode.

Earn Passive Income

In addition to freelancing on the side, there are many ways to earn passive income as an artist.

  • Start your own art blog that generates passive income through paid ads, affiliate links, and the sale of your services.
  • Sell designs to websites like Creative Market, TurboSquid, Design Cuts, and Art Web.
  • Create and self-publish an informative eBook about art.
  • Use platforms like Udemy, Skillshare, and Podia to create and sell online courses. Depending on your skills and abilities, you could create courses on drawing, painting, calligraphy, sketching, photography, creative writing, or design.

Market Yourself as an Artist

Whether you’re freelancing on the side or interested in earning passive income as an artist, these resources will help to market your skills and boost your sales.

There are many ways to use your artistic abilities to earn extra money as a creative professional, whether you’re interested in tutoring seniors or art students, creating and selling eBooks, or launching online art courses. These are just a few ideas to consider, and most of them will allow you to work comfortably from home!

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