After lengthy research and thorough consideration Esme Clark has been awarded ‘Best Girlfriend In The World‘ by her boyfriend, Aidan Ashby. This is due to her gorgeous smile, artistic skill, faithful and sensitive character, gentle empathy, wonderfully kooky temperament and special penchant for teapots.

She also has a wonderfully soft chin.

Esme Clark is the best girlfriend

What did Esme Clark do to win the award of best girlfriend?

It’s a difficult trophy to earn, but earn it she has.

Esme knows what’s up, what’s down, what’s ocurrin’ and what’s cookin’.

As film knowledge goes she’s probably in the top ten million globally (we need to be realistic) and if you mention anything that’s as much as been touched by an animator she will have an opinion about it. And it will be the correct opinion.

She’s a climber who hates soppy romance so I thought I’d see if I could do something really strangely geeky and help her name climb to the top of search; cause as everyone knows – t’internet doesn’t lie, does it?

A younger Esme Clark